Monday, November 16, 2009

Dramas to recommend all drama lovers!
I hv 2 dramas to recommend...
One is Hong Kong & the other one is Korean!
Actually, I watched both of them b4 my exams...
Hahaha...very naughty ler...
Nvr study, kept on watching shows only!
Haih...wat a drama addict m I ???

The 1st drama series - Hong Kong :-

<< You're Hired >>

The main character is a very smart guy.
Can b considered as a genius in doin biz.
Wear the same style of clothing everyday.
From this drama, u can even learn some marketing tactics!
It is a very interesting and funny drama...
Wanna know it quickly :)

The 2nd drama series - Korean :-

<< Cinderella Man >>

From this Korean drama...
U can learn abt fashion!
It is the latest fashion, coz this show was made in 2009.
So, quickly watch it b4 the fashion is outdated!
Ladies will love this more than men...
Coz it is mainly fashion and romantic love story!

Besides tht, I m also a small fan of Kwon Sang Woo (权相佑).
Those hu like him as well must watch this drama oh!
Excellent acting and handsome and muscular...HAHAHA...

Tht's all...
Rmb to watch ya, frens!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Jie jie's 21st bday

Happy Birthday jie jie!
21 years old liao lor...dai gor lui jor!

Celebrating jie jie's 21st bday earlier than the exact date (18th Oct)...
Coz daddy is not ard during tht period...goin to China!
The celebration was held at Ducking Restoran, situated in Jaya One.

The most expensive dish...(I mean the one above)...

Very artistic ler...nice photo taken by my darling!

Jie jie wif her bf

Me & my darling

The 'jie mei hua' in the family
* For those who dunno wat is 'jie mei hua'
It is actually refering to 'sisters'

Cappuccino Cheese Cake frm Secret Recipe
The wording was not tht nice.
I think my darling can write better than them lor...huh!

Daddy & mummy bought jie jie a 'key' necklace.
Initially, mummy said tht they will not buy a key necklace for jie jie.
Although jie jie asked for it...
Why? Bcoz they nvr buy for my big bro too when he was 21.
So, in order to be fair or to avoid jealousy among siblings,
They decided not to buy for all of their children.
* Jie jie was so mad abt this!
However, it was quite surprising when daddy was taking out a necklace.
This made jie jie so surprice & happy!
Including me...I was also surprised by tht.
After the party...& after v reached home,
My mum told me tht she had changed her mind & spoken to my big bro...
Told him tht she will be buying a key necklace for jie jie
And will replace 1 for him as well, although his 21st is over.
But, my big bro said it's ok, he is fine wif tht, dun hv to replace 1 for him!
In conclusion,
I can also get a key necklace when I m 21 years
However, cannot confirm yet...
Coz my parents may change their minds suddenly!

Singing bday song for jie jie.

Making wish...
But y jie jie look like praying de...hahaha!
Her hand gesture shd not be in this way lar...

Family photo

Haha...added in 2 more yeng zai...

3 leng lui in the family

The nicest photo...laughing happily

So sweet...

My turn to be the model for our photographer, victor nah (my darling)...hahaha!

Could not slp during tht night!
Mayb bcoz I drank too much alcohol & at the same time...drinking chinese tea!

Wish jie jie 'Forever 21'
Remain leng lui all the time!
Hope tht all ur wishes come true 1 day...
Jie jie, I love U...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Chicken's wedding dinner

Haha...all of u may wonder hu is 'chicken'...
It is actually referring to 1 of my bf's high school classmate.
Everybody call him '鸡佬'...i also dunno y ???

*Thx baby for bringing me to his wedding dinner & introduce me to ur frens!
I knw tht u loves me very much, and tht's y u brought me to meet ur frens!
Tq so much dear...muakz, muakz, muakz...
Actually I did think of introducing u to my frens,
But I m scared tht u will be unhappy or bored of meeting them!

Chicken's wedding dinner was on Oct 4th...Sunday night
I asked for leave the whole day.
Hmm...wat hv I done tht day?
Morning til afternoon...learning make-up by myself. disappointing, I think I got 'FAIL' for my make-up!
After tht, slept for a while, and then woke up to dress up myself.

Photos for tht night:

The wedding is actually fake!
Initially, I thought it was a real cake.
Coz when u see it from far distance,
U will not get to knw whether it is a fake or real cake.
Only when u see it closely.

All of the classmates singing on the stage

'Yam seng' again...the whole night kept on drink drink drink only!
So funny...they even hv a Cantonese song for 'yam seng'...

The photographers...including my darling (although he is not the official one)

Tht's all... last...
Its time for me to dream of my own wedding dinner...